The NEF & Employers


Business support measures

Employment Counsellors who are familiar with your domain and its requirements
They help you to specify your job offer (job and candidate profiles) and support you in the search or selection of candidates adapted to your needs.

Training of staff to be recruited
The FNE can take care of the skill training of the staff to be recruited.

Efficient tools

  • A database of several job seekers, all qualifications combined;
  • An appropriate set of recruitment tests, to make it easier for you to choose the best candidate;
    •  Operational directories of trades and diplomas
    •  Rooms for your hiring interviews

Incentives for Hiring
Through the PED program and the PARIC program

Sectoral meetings
The FNE organises free seminars to support businesses in the various fields of management where employers express their needs.

The FNE also organises sectoral meetings: The sectoral meetings are a consultation framework for companies in the same sector of activity. In this context, they may be required to combine their specific skills to solve their common problems while benefiting, as much as possible, from the support of the FNE.



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