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Faced with the growing complexity of the tasks to be performed, the constraints imposed by competition as well as the permanent quest for productivity gains, modern companies are placing more and more priority on the quality of human resources.

It is in this context that the National Employment Fund created the Competence Assessment Center (CEC) to strengthen its service offering to businesses, using modern and efficient tools.


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The CEC essentially offers employers two (2) types of services:

  1. - The evaluation of the personnel to be recruited by computerized tests
  2. - The evaluation of internal staff of companies

The CEC approach is based on passing a series of psychotechnical tests that allow the company to be able to:

  • Detect and determine the potential of candidates;
  • Determine training needs;
  • Detect the causes of certain "malfunctions";
  • Develop a career plan;
  • Objectify appointment decisions etc ...

The CEC works with a team of professionals experienced in taking tests.




The CEC in partnership with Central Test, offers a set of tests grouped under 3 families. They are suitable for recruitment, internal mobility management, skills assessment and personal development.

A- Personality and attitude tests

Our personality questionnaires help you identify the dominant personality traits and attitudes specific to the professional environment, establish exhaustive matches with your own benchmarks and identify high-potential profiles.

    • Profile Pro 2
    • BF5
    • Skills Profile 2
    • ETIX
    • CTPl-R

 B- Orientation and career management tests

To support career guidance and management, Central Test has developed reliable tools that reveal key success factors such as professional interests and values. Our tools also help you identify sources of motivation and job satisfaction.

    • Vocation
    • Entrepreneur test
    • E-Stress Profile
    • PRISM Motivation Test
    • Asset Orientation

 C- Skills and interpersonal skills assessment tests

Central Test provides you with tools to assess intellectual, linguistic and emotional skills as well as business knowledge. These tests help you to identify the people who have the necessary aptitudes for the position and to confirm the potentialities internally.

    • Reasoning Test-R
    • Sales-R profile
    • Emotion 2
    • Communication-R test
    • IT and Technology
    • GAAT - Critical Thinking
    • Business English Test
    • French test
    • German test
    • General Knowledge Test
    • Factory

IT tests (web and game design and development, database, net, office tools, PHP, SAP, JAVA, IT security, e-marketing ...)




To benefit from CEC services, you must:

  • Make a job offer at one of our agencies;
  • Attach a job description of the position to be filled;
  • After screening the candidates, choose the job seekers you would like to see take the tests;
  • Complete the physical or virtual order form;
  • Discuss with the Head of the EQF the choice of tests to take ...

NB: After the tests, you can also benefit from an office where you will take the recruitment interviews if you wish to remain anonymous until the completion of the processing of your job offer.


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The CEC in pictures


fne cec IMG 0439
Reception room


fne cec IMG 0430
Office N ° 1


fne cec IMG 0460
Office N° 2


fne cec IMG 0447
Computer room


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