The National Employment Fund

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The NEF : it is 10 Regional Agencies and 07 Local Agencies

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fne dg batimentThe National Employment Fund (NEF) was created by presidential decree on April 27, 1990.
This public employment service (PES) aims to promote employment Through the following lines:

  • The intermediation between employers and job seekers which aims to increase employment opportunities,
  • The development, the financing and the follow-up of programmes related to :
    • Learn by doing training,
    • Formal training,
    • Self-employment,
    • The support to the creation of small enterprise,
    • Eventually any others programmes, according to job market requirements
  • The spread of information concerning the job market.

The NEF is made up of following bodies :

  • The Board of directors ;
  • The general direction ; and more
  • The 17 Regional and Local Agencies.


The Board of directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the NEF. As such, he ensures the accomplishment of the mission assigned to the NEF.

The General Management

The General Management of the NEF is ensured by a Director General, possibly assisted by a Deputy Director General, both appointed by decree.

The Director General represents the NEF in civil and legal acts. As part of the day-to-day management of the NEF, he ensures the execution of the decisions of the Board of Directors and reports on its activities to the latter.

The agencies

The NEF Agencies are administered by Directors. They are responsible for the execution and implementation of programmes designed and developed by General Management, after validation by the Board of Directors.

The Financial resources

The financial resources of the NEF come mainly from the employer's contribution of 1%, taken from the payroll of all companies in Cameroon.

This tax is collected and transferred to the accounts of the Treasury which plays the role of banker for the Public Administrative Establishments, of which the NEF is a part.

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