The National Employment Fund


The National Employment Fund has set up various job development programs and tools, these are :


Rural Employment Development Support Program which aims to fight poverty through the creation and strengthening of jobs in rural areas.

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Graduate Employment Program, is a pre-employment internship program whose aim is to provide young graduates without professional experience with a qualification as well as practical experience (enrichment of their CV) in order to facilitate their integration into the workplace. production circuit.

The strategy of this interactive “pre-employment training” program is based on :

  • The sharing (50/50) by the FNE and the company of compensation costs paid to trainees;
  • The freedom for the company to recruit or not the young person at the end of the internship;
  • Government incentive by tax exemption on fees paid to the intern;
  • The acquisition of professional experience by young trainees.

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Youth entrepreneurship in Cameroon faces multiple constraints relating to funding, technical assistance, supervision, but above all to the absence of structured and dynamic information, likely to provide them with the necessary, effective and efficient tools. to promote their business. The CIIEJ (Integrated Information Center for Youth Entrepreneurship) aims to overcome this handicap.

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The PREJ program aims to integrate young graduates into companies, replacing staff called upon to assert their right to retirement, or people who directly or indirectly have to leave their posts to replace these retirees; and this in strict compliance with the company's human resources management policy.  

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The MICROPAR program, through the development of partnership between a micro-enterprise promoter and a larger enterprise manager, aims to :

  • Strengthen the development of micro-enterprises financed by the NEF thanks to the support - supervision - advice of a sponsor who is a head of a relatively larger company, and therefore more experienced.
  • Arouse a civic commitment of the heads of "senior companies" to play a role of locomotive in the process of promotion of entrepreneurship, thus giving a chance to young promoters to realize their dream, and to become, why not, the Sponsors of tomorrow.

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The Support Program for the Integration of Higher Education Graduates, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, aims to support the professional integration of higher education graduates.

The Youth Employment Week

The FNE organizes each year, on the occasion of the Fête de la Jeunesse, a Youth Employment Week lasting about four days. These days, which bring together several partners in employment and vocational training, are intended to improve information for young people on training courses, the development of trades and qualifications, as well as on the process and possibilities of insertion.

The OPP (Career guidance in public settings)

Information program on job search made available to the public, especially young people, through poster spaces in public places; (sub-prefectures, town halls, chiefdoms ...)

The Program PME / NEF

This program, which benefits from a special allocation from the Head of State, aims to promote self-employment and micro-enterprise for young people. It is managed in partnership between the NEF and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPMEESA).

The Program NEF / CERAC

This program, carried out in partnership with the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), aims to promote very small projects in favor of disadvantaged groups.


Support Program for the Social and Professional Integration and Reintegration of Vulnerable People (PAIRPPEV), aims to fight exclusion and poverty, through the professional integration of these groups. This program is carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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Support Program for the Return of Cameroonian Immigrants aims to assist and socio-professional reintegration of Cameroonians who have studied or worked abroad.
To this end, an agreement has been signed with specialized German organizations:
The WUS (Wold Univesity Services) and the ZAV (Zentralstelle Für Abeitsver Vittlung).

In order to better equip job seekers, to optimize their job search, specific tools are made available to them:


Job Search Techniques, organized in the form of a seminar, these sessions aim to enable job seekers to become aware of the central role they must play in their integration, and thus to adopt a dynamic and rational in their job search activity. The same is true of AREs (Job Search Workshops) which go in the same direction.

The job seeker's guide

This tool, like the TRE, helps job seekers to organize themselves better:

  • Documentation rooms providing them with information relating to the labor market;
  • A business file allowing them to best target businesses in their field of activity.
  • A directory of project ideas

To guide those job seekers wishing to set up on their own, it is also available to employers:

  • A computerized database of job seekers, all qualifications combined

  • Spaces designed for recruitments;

  • Support for recruitment, in particular a battery of tests;

  • A recruiter's guide.

For future job seekers, we have specific programs :

  • SIVE (Introductory Course in Company Life)
  • OPS (Vocational Guidance in Schools)
  • OPUs (Professional Orientation in University)

It is also developed:

An interactive website: (
Who disseminates information on the labor market, job offers, information on the FNE and its programs;
This dynamic site allows:

Job seeker to fill:

  • publish and modify their CV
  • View, apply for jobs or send a job offer to a friend
  • Subscribe to the job offers mailing list

Employers (Recruiters) to fill:

  • publish and modify their job offers
  • Select candidates

The Romec

Operational Directory of Trades and Jobs in Cameroon.


The Training Repositories (RF), developed on the basis of the Job, Activity and Skills Repositories (REAC). These tools currently cover 15 trades. Their development with other professions is underway.

Several job exchanges have been organized.

Several other programs have been developed and can be launched immediately if funding is available, these are:


National Pact for Youth Employment based both on an economic approach (productivity requirement), and on an approach of cohesion and national solidarity (the civic spirit of companies), It aims to give young people a chance to '' acquire a profession and thus increase their chances of professional integration, while benefiting from an income.

The USEP (Urban Special Employment Program)

This program aims to create local jobs in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala and in other large cities while contributing to sanitation and improvement of the public living environment in these cities.


Support measures for the integration of the disabled are based on a national solidarity approach and rely on the civic spirit of companies, to give a chance to this vulnerable layer of the population that are the disabled, to integrate into life. professional.

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