Youth unemployment, especially among young graduates, is reaching dramatic proportions, with multiple social consequences. The main causes of this phenomenon are based on the following factors :

  • the small size of the economic network in the face of an ever-increasing demand for employment
  • the insufficient exploitation of potential employment opportunities in our country; and above all, the increasing demand by companies for a directly operational workforce (i.e. one that already has professional experience), in the face of a training system that is poorly adapted to the real needs of the labour market. This situation is all the more worrying when we know that nearly 70% of young people who enter the labour market have no qualifications in terms of profession.

It is in response to this concern that the NEF, as part of its "strategy and support measures for young people", has designed and developed the Graduate Employment Programme (PED) with the aim of facilitating the integration of young graduates into the production circuit, through on-the-job training.

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