The National Employment Fund


objectifObjective The "PED" is a pre-employment internship programme which aims to integrate young graduates with no professional experience into the production circuit and who are looking for a job.

More specifically, it allows :

  • the exploitation, with a view to the qualification of young graduates without a profession and/or without work experience, of the potential for professional training existing in the companies;
  • the acquisition by young graduates of practical experience, thereby enriching their curriculum vitae
  • the provision of an income for young trainees;

Thus, this programme, which falls within the framework of on-the-job training, enables the beneficiaries not only to gain qualifications but also to acquire a first experience in a company. Thus, in a context where a large proportion of graduates who enter the labour market have no profession and work experience, the " PED " appears to be an appropriate solution to meet the requirements of many companies for which, apart from qualification, work experience is considered a determining criterion for hiring.


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