The National Employment Fund


The PED has significant advantages for both companies and job seekers.

For companies, we can note :

  • The answer - at lower cost - to their human resources problems: the observation of candidates during the internship period allows them to choose in a more objective and motivated way those who adapt to their requirements,
  • Increase the productivity due to the arrival of new blood in the company.

For the recipients, the following can note:

  • The acquisition of skills and work experience,
  • Integration into the production circuit,
  • The feeling of being useful in society through their contribution to the production of national wealth,
  • The acquisition of an income to satisfy their needs and ensure their independence.

In conclusion
The "PED" is now a programme to facilitate the integration of young graduates. The support of companies for this programme is growing day by day. Those who have not yet been informed should come and join us.


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