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In other cases, replacements for people retiring are made through internal promotion, leading to a series of redeployments which most often do not end up by productivity gains, if not the opposite.

Some companies, however, rationally apply forward-looking human resources management and draw up continuous training, retraining or requalification programmes with a view to redeploying their employees following retirements.

This last approach is definitely the most logical. However, it seems to be confronted with the problems of generally high costs and the management of hiring contracts. This limits its adoption by many companies. With this in mind, the National Employment Fund, in its role of promoting employment, has designed the Youth Employment Retire Programme (P.R.E.J) which consists of apprenticing a young person next to an employee who is retiring, to enable the company to ensure an optimal transfer of skills to the position concerned, which is a guarantee of productivity gains.


The P.R.E.J. programme aims to integrate young graduates into the company, replacing staff who are due to retire, or people who directly or indirectly have to leave their posts to replace these retirees; and this in strict compliance with the company's human resources management policy.

Conditions for success

The success factors of this programme are linked to the NEF, the partner company, the mentor and the recipient. Thus, the following conditions are decisive for the success of the programme

  • A good identification of the positions to be filled by the company with the support of the NEF;
  • The relevance of the training programme to be implemented, which is the responsibility of the company and the NEF
  • The finesse of the selection of candidates for training carried out by NEF and the company;
  • The commitment and seriousness of the supervisor - tutor (person who must be replaced);
  • The candidate's diligence, willingness and love of the work;
  • Good monitoring of the execution of the programme by the company and NEF.

Target population

The target population consists of young job seekers registered with the NEF, with basic training in the fields requested, and not older than 30 years.


The programme will be implemented in 7 stages, namely :

  1. Identification of the company's needs by NEF Employment Counsellors, based on retirement programmes, with the management or department in charge of human resources.
  2. The development of a training programme by mutual agreement with the management or department in charge of human resources, and the incumbents of the positions concerned or those that will be vacant following the movements generated by the departures.
  3. The selection and recruitment of candidates for training jointly by the NEF and the company.
  4. The signature of the partnership agreement.
  5. The training of the selected candidates in the company.
  6. Monitoring of the training by NEF employment Counsellors and the division in charge of human resources.
  7. Evaluation of the training.
  8. The hiring of candidates at the end of the training in the company.

During the training, the candidates will benefit from a training allowance supported as follows: NEF: 50%; company: 50%.

Amount and distribution of allowances

The training allowances and the responsibilities of each party will be as follows :

« LE »
Amount allocated TOTAL
LE < CAPand equivalent 25.000 Fcfa 25.000 Fcfa 50.000 Fcfa
CAP < LE = GCE / BP 37.500 Fcfa 37.500 Fcfa 75.000 Fcfa
GCE / BP < LE =
BTS and Bachelor Degree
62.500 Fcfa 62.500 Fcfa 125.000 Fcfa
BTS and Bachelor Degree < LE =
Master and Engineers
75.000 Fcfa 75.000 Fcfa 150.000 Fcfa

A transport allowance could be granted to candidates at the expense of the company.

It should be noted that all allowances paid to trainees are tax-free and tax-deductible, as is the case with the Graduate Employment Programme (PED).

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